Feature Rich, Scalable and yet Extremely Simple to Use

STAR3ERP is the flagship product of Starlight, where this exciting product is built, sold and maintained by its own team of professionals. Starlight aims to help businesses grow by improving their effectiveness and efficiency through the implementation of STAR3ERP solutions.







Features and Benefits

    Local development team

    Things are always easier and faster to manage when we do it ourselves.

    Flexible installation

    Different onboarding options to suit to different IT environment.

    Access from anywhere with any device

    You can access your data at any location, on any laptop or mobile device with internet connection.

    Customise complex workflows

    Build workflows and automate processes to boost productivity.

    Integration with different business modules

    Integrate with other modules like HRM or CRM for better control of your business.

    Grow your system with your business

    Every part of our system is scalable and there is no limit to what the system can do for you and your business.

    Audit Trail

    All actions are specifically tracked and monitored for security purposes


Join Us Now!

We welcome you to join us at Starlight for an exciting and rewarding career.

Starlight is a client oriented organization, our prime objective is to meet and exceed our client expectations at every step of our journey. We have been able to achieve this mainly by virtue of our hardworking and dedicated team. Starlight hires bright and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate and share a common vision. Our team consists of individuals with unique talents and representing diverse backgrounds.



The backbone of STAR3ERP consist of 5 modular systems – Sales, Finance, Human Resource, Inventory and Customisation and Workflow. These modular systems can work perfectly on its own, or integrate seamlessly with multiple selections.

Human Resource Management

Finance Management

Sales Management

Inventory Management

Customisation and Workflow


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