TCM Management System

Herbs is specifically designed to cater to the challenging environment of the TCM industry. Many of the traditional TCM business owners are facing uphill tasks to increase productivity as their core activities are still mainly handwriting processes. With Herbs’ unique bilingual platform, adoption of this customised ERP system is quick, simple and easy. Herbs, a comprehensive yet cost effective ERP system, handles all your purchases, sales, invoicing, all the way to your accounting aspects of your TCM business.

We, in Starlight, fully understand the requirements of this business and have successfully put together a complete business application with the necessary functionalities. Furthermore, you can further customise certain features or functions for the system to work even better according to your workflow.

Building The Perfect Business Tool

5 Core Directions


All users are governed through a stringent security system which controls the user permissions and rights on a group and personal level. Also, all actions performed by the users are seamlessly logged in an Audit Trail system.


STAR3ERP is designed to suit the modern way of doing business. The 100% web-based infrastructure allow any device to access the system, anywhere; access business information to make timely and critical decisions.


Centralised database to provide much-needed transparency over functions across departments and business units. Information are shared on a need-to-know basis and this is managed by the system itself, seamlessly.


Manage your investment on application more efficiently with a modularly structured ERP system. This enables you the flexibility to buy only what you need, and expand and scale up when your business grow.


Every business is managed in a different way and workflows are designed to manage the complexity of different businesses. Furthermore, STAR3ERP is carefully designed to get different departments to work together, unknowingly.


Local development team

Things are always easier and faster to manage when we do it ourselves.

Flexible installation options

Different onboarding options to suit to different IT environment.

Access from anywhere with any device

You can access your data at any location, on any laptop or mobile device with internet connection.

Customise complex workflows

Build workflows and automate processes to boost productivity.

Integration with different business modules

Integrate with other modules like HRM or CRM for better control of your business.

Grow your system with your business

Every part of our system is scalable and there is no limit to what the system can do for you and your business.

Audit Trail

All actions are specifically tracked and monitored for security purposes.