As part of our corporate strategy, Starlight has been strategically expanding its operations worldwide to build on success of last decade and maintain a competitive edge. We have been able to keep our steady and sustainable growth with constant innovation in product development and diversification of our offerings.

We are committed to what we do and what we stand for, that is to provide premium products and services. For continual growth and expansion, steady flow of investment is necessary in today’s highly competitive market. It is why Starlight is always open to new opportunities for its continues expansion into new territories and offer refreshing level of transparency in the investment process.

Our investment strategy emphasizes on quality and diversification. Our success has been the result of diverse set of partnership in the industry.

More than the capital investment, we want to expand with the right people who bring in a diverse set of experience. We have seen lot of investment fads come and go but our investment philosophy which is “investment done right” has stayed the same. Starlight is open to investments from diverse business types such as management and consulting firms, IT vendors, software companies, etc.

Managing risk is a key competency for our business, and it is something we have dedicated resources towards for many years. Over the years, we have put back the financial resources into new products and company assets making Starlight a self-reliant and debt free company.

Today, Starlight remains a strong, stable and financially sound company that is well equipped to successfully navigate through various market challenges. We are committed and dedicated to deliver our clients with the most comprehensive set of IT solutions.